Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Project C- Composite Materials

Mission- To learn about composite materials and their effectiveness and applications.

Objectives- Use techniques and theories about composite materials to create a carbon fiber as hard as diamond, and pick up skills and concepts via observation while attempting to do so.

Composite materials are substances derived from two individual materials. Composite materials are manufactured by converting the default materials into liquid state by melting and combining them in liquid shape and allowing it to cool in the desired shape. Although composite materials are usually stronger then their default materials, there are some disadvantages like the cost of it being quite high as many complex materials are required to form the shape and material. Each part has to be manually formed and layered and baked in a vacuum. It is also brittle as the atom bondings may be interfered in the manufacturing process and the strength of the composite material may be random depending on the atomic bondings.

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