Foo Ming Yong's Reflections


Water- Clean or Dirty
Water is precious and we should not take it for granted. Although all developed countries have an ample supply to fresh drinking water, many third-world countries like africa and bangladesh do not have access to sanitized water. These dirty and unhealthy water are polluted by litter and there are many regions where there are severe droughts. In these waters there are harmful and infectious bacteria and other foreign, inedible substances that usually cause severe sickness, diahorrea and sometimes even death to the consumer. Thus, many third world countries have to go to extreme measures to obtain somewhat safe drinking water like resort to child labour.
Thus, the government is investing a large amount of money on research on purification of water and supplying them to third world countries. In asia, around 9.8 billion is spent on this research on this water problem. Newater is effective but not a viable solution as it is expensive to manufacture and process.
Every year, millions of unfortunate souls perish due to infectious diseases by polluted water or dying by dehydration. Knowing the importance of water and how fortunate we are to not worry about our next drink, we should stop wasting water and treasure it as many do not have access to it.