Friday, May 20, 2011

List of projects

Just for extra, unnecessary information :)
1. Photoshop

2. Cells/
-optical microscope
-immune hurosence
-phase contrast microscope
-confocal microscope

3. Fastest ball challenge
-Potential and kinetic energy
K.E= 1/2mv^2
m= mass
v= velocity
g= gravity
h= height

4. Distillation
-Fractional distillation: When substances with different boiling points need to be separated
Substances with lower boiling point distillates and condenses at top first
Substances with higher boiling point evaporate and condense later
E.G the crude oil company when required to separate oil from alcohol, hydrocarbons, etc

5. Water tower withstanding earthquake
-Natural frequency
-Reasonating frequency

6. Chemistry one doing in my class so Mr Sim didnt explain

7. Hand held device for speech impaired patients
Not Mr Sim's area of interest so he didnt say

8. Automatic outdoor light controller

9. Tensile testing of composite materials, electron scanning, bla bla bla
-SEM (scanning electron microscope)
source is electron.
optical microscope uses light.
Electron microscopy has higher magnification.
Electron beams are shot down on specimen surface. Surface needs to be conducting (coated with metals). Reflection of electron beams (secondary beams) gives a profile of surface image.
e= Stress over strain

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